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Select the value of your Course Voucher.
You can choose either USD 64 or USD 80.


Tell us where to send the the Course Voucher.
This will typically be the email address of the recipient.


The recipient will receive and redeem the Course Voucher for 1 course.
The USD 80 Course Voucher can be redeemed for any course.
The USD 64 Course Voucher can be redeemed for any opening course, Beginner Chess, or Intermediate Chess.


  • What can a Course Voucher be redeemed for?

  • Which Course Voucher should I choose?

  • What happens after I purchase a Course Voucher?

  • When will the Course Voucher be sent?

  • Does the Course Voucher expire?

  • Does the recipient need to have a Chessly account?

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