Terms of Use

Last modified: 12/18/2023

1. Introduction

This agreement ("Terms of Use") is between you and Chessly LLC ("Company," "We," or "Us"). It covers your use of and interaction with https://chessly.com, which includes all content, functionality, and services available on the site ("Website"), whether you're a visitor or a registered member.

Before diving in, please carefully review these terms. By using the Website or clicking an "accept" or "agree" option (when provided), you're confirming your acceptance of these Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy, which you can find at https://chessly.com/privacy-policy. If you don't agree with these terms or our Privacy Policy, then please refrain from using the Website.

In other words: You're making a deal with Chessly LLC about how you can use https://chessly.com. Make sure to read all the rules. If you use the site or click "accept", it means you're cool with these rules and our privacy details. If you're not, don't use our site.

2. Age Restrictions

This Website is strictly intended for individuals who are 16 years of age or older. Users below the age of 16 are not permitted to access or use the website under any circumstances.

If you are between the ages of 16 and 18, you may use the Website, but only with the knowledge and consent of a parent or guardian. It is presumed that any interaction or transaction made by someone aged 16 to 17 on our Website has been made with parental or guardian approval.

For the protection of younger users, we do not knowingly collect data from children under 16. If we become aware of such data collection, we have measures in place to promptly delete this information.

In other words: Our website is for people who are 16 and older. If you're under 16, you can't use it at all. Those who are 16 or 17 can use it, but only if their parents know and are okay with it. And we make sure not to intentionally gather info from kids under 13. If it happens by mistake, we'll remove that info quickly.

3. Changes to the Terms of Use

We reserve the right to modify and update these Terms of Use whenever we see fit. These updates take effect as soon as they are posted on our site. When significant changes are made, we will also notify you via email.

By continuing to use the Website after we've posted new terms or after receiving our email notification in your email inbox, you are showing that you accept and agree with these updates. It's important for you to regularly check this page and your email inbox to stay informed about any changes, as they apply to you once posted.

In other words: We can change the rules for using our website when we need to. When we do, we'll post the new rules here and also send an email to your inbox about it. If you keep using the site after we've told you about the changes, it means you're on board with them. So, keep an eye on this page and your email inbox for any updates.

4. Website Access and Availability

We have the authority to change, remove, or temporarily close this Website and any services or content we provide on it, without giving prior notice. If, for some reason, our Website is inaccessible temporarily or permanently, we aren't responsible for any inconvenience it may cause. Occasionally, we might limit access to certain areas of our site or the whole site, and this could apply to all users, including those who have registered.

It's your job to:

  • Ensure you have the necessary setup to access the Website.
  • Make sure anyone using your internet connection to access our Website knows about and follows our Terms of Use.

In other words: We can change or stop our website anytime, and we won't necessarily tell you first. If you can't access the site, that's not on us. Be sure you can access our site, and anyone using your internet knows our rules.

5. Account Security and Responsibility

If you need to access certain parts of the Website, we might ask you for some registration details or other information. It's essential that whatever you share with us is accurate, current, and complete. Our Privacy Policy, which you can find at https://chessly.com/privacy-policy, governs any information you provide to us. By using the Website, you consent to our handling of your information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

If we provide you with or if you choose a username, password, or other security details, ensure they remain confidential. Do not allow others to use your account or access the Website using your credentials. If you suspect unauthorized access to your account or any security breach, notify us immediately. Always log out after using your account, especially when using a public or shared computer.

We reserve the right to disable any username, password, or other identifiers, whether chosen by you or provided by us, at our discretion. This could be due to a violation of our Terms of Use or for any other reason.

In other words: When using the Website, provide accurate information and understand that our privacy policy governs it. Safeguard your account details, always log out after use, especially on shared devices. If there are issues or rule violations, we may suspend your access.

6. Intellectual Property Ownership and Usage

The entire content of the Website, which includes text, images, videos, designs, software, and other materials, belongs to the Company, its licensors, or other content providers. This content is protected by U.S. and international laws pertaining to copyrights, trademarks, patents, trade secrets, and other intellectual property rights.

You are permitted to use the Website for personal, non-commercial purposes. However, you are prohibited from copying, distributing, modifying, or using our content in any unauthorized manner. The exceptions to this include:

  • Your computer may store temporary copies in RAM when accessing our content.
  • Your web browser may cache certain files to enhance display performance.
  • You are allowed to print or download a reasonable number of pages for personal use, but not for distribution or publication.
  • If we provide apps for download, you may download one copy for personal use, ensuring compliance with any associated license agreements.

If you wish to use our content in a manner not specified here, kindly submit your request to: business@chessly.freshdesk.com.

Please refrain from:

  • Altering any copies of our materials.
  • Removing or modifying any copyright, trademark, or proprietary rights notices.
  • Utilizing any portion of our Website for commercial gain.

Failure to adhere to these terms will result in the immediate revocation of your right to access our Website. You may also be required to return or destroy any unauthorized copies you've made. It is essential to understand that by using our Website, you do not obtain ownership or any rights to our content. All rights not expressly granted are reserved by the Company. Unauthorized use may result in legal action.

In other words: The content on the Website is owned by the Company. While you're welcome to use it for personal purposes, any commercial use or distribution without our explicit permission is prohibited. If you want to use our content in a way not described here, reach out to us at business@chessly.freshdesk.com.

7. Products and Services Availability

Certain items or services are exclusively available online via our Website. While we have the ability to limit who can purchase or where our products can be sold, we decide on this individually for each case. We also reserve the right to adjust the number of any products or services we offer. Descriptions or availability of our products or services can change anytime, and it's our decision to do so. Furthermore, we can stop offering any product or service, or even all of our services, without giving any prior notice.

When you place an order, you're making an offer to purchase under our terms. But it's crucial to note that placing an order doesn't guarantee your purchase. Even if you receive an order confirmation email, we might decide not to fulfill the order for any reason at our discretion.

In other words: Some items or services are only available on our Website. We can choose where to sell or who can buy our products, and we might change product details or stop selling them without warning. Even if you've placed an order and received a confirmation, it doesn't mean we have to sell it to you.

8. Pricing and Payment Details

The prices, deals, and promotions shown on our Website can change without any prior notification. Importantly, all prices listed on the Website are tax-inclusive, meaning that the price you see is the total amount without any additional tax charges. The charge for a product or service will be the listed price when you place your order, as confirmed in your order confirmation email. If prices go up, it will only affect orders made after the increase.

We always aim to showcase the right price details, but mistakes can happen, like typographical errors or issues related to pricing and product availability. If such mistakes occur, we have the right to correct them and even cancel orders that arose due to those errors. We're not accountable to you or anyone else if we change the price, suspend, or stop offering any products or services, whether in full or partially.

In other words: Prices on our website can change without warning. The price you see already includes taxes, so no extra tax will be added. If we make a mistake in the price or product details, we'll fix it and might cancel affected orders. We're not responsible if we modify prices or stop selling products, for any reason.

9. Access and Use Permissions

We grant you the right to access and use the Website, as detailed in these Terms of Use. However, you must not share, alter, or attempt to copy the inner workings of the Website without our written consent. Be aware that we can modify or discontinue any part of the Website at any time.

The majority of the content within the Website, including text, graphics, videos, music, and other features, belongs to us. This primary content is protected by legal rights such as copyrights and trademarks. Some images and content are used with permission from our partners or sourced from open sources. The content we provide is strictly for your personal reading and understanding. Without our written approval, and the approval of other rightful owners if needed, you must not use this content for other purposes.

Whether you acquire them for free or purchase them, all materials you find on the Website are either owned by or used with permission by us.

By purchasing our products or using the Website, you receive a limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive, and revocable license to use the content for personal, non-commercial purposes.

If you exceed the limits of this license or infringe on our intellectual property rights, we may terminate your account and might pursue legal action. If legal intervention becomes necessary, it will be under New York jurisdiction, which you agree to by using the Website.

To be clear, you CAN:

  • View and listen to the Content for personal enjoyment.
  • Stream the Content for personal enjoyment.


  • Sell your access to the Website or its Content to others.
  • Share the Website or its Content with someone who hasn’t paid for it.
  • Reuse, republish, record, modify, or distribute any Content, in whole or in part.
  • Use the Website for any commercial benefits unless our Terms of Use states otherwise. Also, you must not use the Website unlawfully or violate any laws in your jurisdiction, especially intellectual property laws.

In other words: You're allowed to use the Website for your personal enjoyment. We own most of the content, but some come from our partners or are open-sourced. Please don’t share, sell, or misuse any of the content. If you don't abide by the rules, we might close your account and possibly take legal action in New York. Always act within the bounds of the law and respect all copyrights and trademarks.

10. Account Inactivity and Deletion

To maintain the integrity of our platform, user accounts that have not been accessed (i.e., logged into) or have not engaged with any content (including lessons, courses, and games) for a continuous period of 6 months will be considered "inactive" and may be subject to automatic deletion. However, this rule does not apply to accounts that have made any purchase on our platform; such accounts will never be automatically deleted, regardless of inactivity.

Further information regarding account deletion due to inactivity can be found in our Privacy Policy.

In other words: If you don't log into your account or engage with our content for more than 6 months, we might automatically delete it. However, if you've ever bought anything from us, your account is safe from this rule. You can find more specifics in our Privacy Policy.

11. Trademark Guidelines

The name of our Company, the terms 'Chessly' and 'GothamChess,' our Company logo, and any related branding elements, such as product names, designs, and slogans, are the exclusive trademarks of the Company or entities associated with or licensed by us. You are not allowed to use these trademarks without receiving written consent from the Company first. Any other brand names, designs, or slogans you see on this website belong to their rightful owners and are their protected trademarks.

In other words: Our company has specific names and logos that belong to us, like Chessly and GothamChess. You can't use them unless you ask us and we say yes. Any other company names or logos you see on our site? They belong to those companies, not us.

12. Course Refund Policy

We value your satisfaction. That's why we offer a straightforward 7-Day Refund Policy for our Courses. Here's how it works:

  • Timeframe: You have 7 days from the date of purchase to request a refund.
  • How to Request: To initiate a refund, email us at support@chessly.freshdesk.com. Please include your account details and the specifics of your purchase.
  • Amount Refunded: Once your refund is approved, we'll return the full amount you paid for the specific Courses you're returning, and your access to those Courses will be revoked.
  • Eligibility: Refunds are granted if you request within the 7-day window and as long as you've adhered to our Terms of Use.
  • Policy Abuse: We're here to help, but if we identify any misuse of our refund policy, we reserve the right to deny your refund request and may also close your account.

In other words: If you buy a Course from us and decide within a week that it's not for you, just send us an email with your purchase details, and we'll give you your money back. But remember, you've only got 7 days to do this. And if we think someone's trying to game the system, we might refuse the refund and close their account.

13. Course Exchange Policy

Your satisfaction is important to us. If you feel a different Course might better suit your needs, here's our clear and concise Exchange Policy for our Courses:

  • Timeframe: You have 7 days from the date of purchase to request an exchange.
  • How to Request: To ask for a course exchange, reach out to support@chessly.freshdesk.com. Include your account information and the details of the exchange. Upon approval, we'll facilitate the exchange for you.
  • Exchange Limitations: Every course you purchase can be exchanged only once. For example, if you switch from Course A to Course B, you can't later exchange Course B for another course.
  • Value Limitations: A course can only be swapped for another course of equal or lesser value. If you choose a course of lesser value for the exchange, we won't refund the difference in price.
  • Refunds After Exchanges: Once a course has been exchanged, the original purchase is no longer eligible for a refund.
  • Abuse of Exchange Policy: We're here to help, but if we observe any abuse of our exchange policy, we have the right to deny future exchange requests and might even need to terminate your account.

In other words: You have a 7-day window after purchasing a course to exchange it for another. But remember, you can only make one swap per course, and if you choose a cheaper course as a replacement, we don't refund the price difference. Also, once you've exchanged a course, the original purchase can't be refunded. If you try to game the system, we might have to stop offering you exchanges or close your account.

14. Gifting

Course Vouchers are a feature on Chessly that allows users to purchase a course as a gift for others.


  • Course Vouchers purchased on Chessly are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged.
  • Course Vouchers have no monetary value and cannot be redeemed for cash or any other currency.
  • Course Vouchers are only valid and redeemable on Chessly.
  • Course Vouchers may occasionally be available for purchase at a discounted price. However, the price paid for the Course Voucher does not affect its value.
  • Course Vouchers can only be redeemed for 1 course with a value equal to or less than the Course Voucher's value. The course's value is determined by the original price of the course, without any discounts or promotions applied.
  • If a Course Voucher is redeemed for a course with a value less than the value of the Course Voucher then the remaining value of the Course Voucher is forfeited.
  • Course Vouchers issued by Chessly do not have an expiry date and can be redeemed at any time.

In other words: Course Vouchers are a feature on Chessly that allows users to purchase a course as a gift for others.

The rules for this feature are:

  • You can't get your money back or swap a Course Voucher for something else once you've bought it.
  • Course Vouchers can not be turned into cash or used for anything other than courses on Chessly.
  • Even if Course Vouchers are on sale, their value stays the same. If you buy a USD 80 Course Voucher for USD 40 on sale, it's still worth USD 80 when redeemed.
  • You can only use a Course Voucher to get 1 course that has a value equal to or less than the Course Voucher's value. Discounts are not considered when determining the course's value.
  • Any difference in value between the Course Voucher and the redeemed course is forfeited. For example: If you have a Course Voucher that has a value of USD 80 and you redeem the Course Voucher for a course valued at USD 64 then the remaining USD 16 from the Course Voucher's value is lost.
  • Course Vouchers from Chessly never expire, so you can use them whenever you want.

15. Chessly Plus Cancellation & Refund Policy

Overview: Chessly Plus is a premium subscription service that grants members access to exclusive lectures, training tools, and additional benefits.

Billing: Subscription fees for Chessly Plus are charged upfront and cannot be refunded. This means we don't offer refunds for partial months or for any period that you didn't use the service.

Automatic Renewal: Unless you decide to cancel, your Chessly Plus subscription will renew automatically. To avoid being charged for the next period, you need to cancel your subscription before the current one ends.

Cancellation Process: If you wish to cancel your subscription, you can do this at any time. You can either:

  • Log into your Chessly account and follow the cancellation steps.
  • Reach out to our customer support team for assistance.

Even if you cancel, you'll still have access to all Chessly Plus features until the end of your current subscription period.

Refund Exceptions: Though our policy is to not provide refunds, in some special situations and at our own discretion, we may consider refunds. If you are given a refund, your access to Chessly Plus will be terminated immediately.

In other words: When you sign up for Chessly Plus, you're billed right away and typically, we don't offer refunds. If you decide not to continue with Chessly Plus, remember to cancel before your subscription renews to avoid the next charge. You'll still get all the Chessly Plus benefits until your current subscription period ends. In very special cases, we might offer a refund, but that's up to us, and if we do, you'll lose access to Chessly Plus right away.

16. Prohibited Uses of the Website

Basic Rule: You must use this Website lawfully and in line with our Terms of Use.

You must NOT use the Website to:

  • Break any local, state, federal, or international law or regulations.
  • Harm or attempt to harm minors by exposing them to harmful content, or by asking for personal details.
  • Send unsolicited advertisements or promotions like spam, junk mail, or chain letters.
  • Pretend to be the Company, a Company employee, another user, or anyone else.
  • Do anything that interferes with others' use of the Website or that could harm or expose users or the Company to any risk.
  • Overload, damage, or cause malfunction to the Website.
  • Use automated methods like robots or spiders to access or copy material from the Website without permission.
  • Manually copy material from the Website without our written approval.
  • Use any software or devices that interfere with the Website's operation.
  • Introduce harmful material like viruses or Trojan horses.
  • Illegally access or damage parts of the Website, its server, or any related databases.
  • Attack the Website, including via denial-of-service attacks.
  • Do anything else that stops the Website from working properly.

In other words: Please use our Website properly and respectfully. Don't break any laws, don't try to harm others, don't send spam, and don't mess with the Website's operations or content. Pretending to be someone else, using bots without permission, or introducing harmful software is a big no-no.

17. User Contributions

Platform and Features: Our Website, which also includes Company's social media channels, offers Interactive Services. These are things like forums, message boards, and review sections where you can post your content, which we call "User Contributions".

Rights over User Contributions:

  • Anything you post is neither confidential nor proprietary.
  • When you post something, you're giving us (and our partners) permission to use, show, edit, and share it with others for any reason. This includes using it for business purposes.

You promise that:

  • You own what you post or have the right to let us use it.
  • Everything you post follows our Terms of Use.
  • You're responsible for your posts, ensuring they're legal, accurate, and appropriate.

What We Aren't Responsible For:

  • We're not accountable for the truth or quality of posts made by you or anyone else.

Our Rights Over User Posts:

  • We can decide to remove any post for any reason.
  • We can act on posts that we think break our rules or might be harmful or illegal.
  • If someone thinks your post violates their rights, we can share your details with them.
  • We can involve the police or other authorities for any unlawful activity on the Website.
  • If you breach our Terms of Use, we can stop your access to the Website.

Legal Cooperation and Liability Waiver:

  • If the authorities investigate an issue, we'll cooperate with them fully. If we take action due to such investigations, you can't make any claims against us.

Review and Responsibility: We don't review everything before it gets posted and might not remove harmful content right away. We're not liable for what's posted, nor for our actions (or lack of action) related to those posts.

In other words: You can post content on our Website, but remember it's public, and we can use it. Make sure you have the rights to whatever you share, and it follows our rules. We're not accountable for the accuracy of anything posted. We can remove posts and might share your details if someone claims your post is harming them. If there's any legal trouble because of your post, we will cooperate with the authorities and you can't blame us. We don't check every post, so we're not responsible for everything that appears.

18. Submissions

When you send us any feedback, ideas, comments, or other types of input about the Website (this includes messages on our official social media channels), it's called a "Submission".

Here's what happens with your Submissions:

  • Ownership: Once you give us a Submission, we become its sole owner. This means we get all rights to it, including copyrights.
  • Use: We can use your Submission however we want, whether for making money, improving our services, or anything else. We don't have to give you credit or pay you for it.
  • Your Promise: By giving us a Submission, you promise that the idea was yours or that you had the right to share it. Also, you won't seek any type of rights or claim over your Submission later on.

In other words: If you share an idea or feedback with us, it becomes ours. We can use it in any way we like, and we don't have to give you credit or money for it. You also promise that the idea was originally yours and that you won't later claim it wasn't or ask for rights over it.

19. Reliance on Website Information

General Info Only: The details on our Website are just for general information. We don't guarantee that it's complete, accurate, or always useful.

Your Responsibility: If you decide to trust or act on the information from our Website, you do so at your own risk. We're not responsible for any problems that might come from your reliance on it.

Third-party Content: Our Website might have content from other sources like users, bloggers, or third-party companies. What they say is their opinion and responsibility, not ours. If they give wrong or misleading info, we're not accountable for it.

In other words: The info on our site is general and might not be perfect. If you decide to use it, that's on you, and we're not responsible if things go wrong. Also, if others post on our site, their words are their own, and we're not to blame for what they say or its accuracy.

20. Changes to the Website

While we occasionally update our Website, we don't guarantee that everything you see is current or complete. Sometimes, the information or material might be outdated, and we're not required to refresh it.

In other words: We sometimes update our Website, but what you see might not always be the latest info. We're not always updating old stuff to make it current.

21. Your Information and Website Visits

When you use our Website, we gather certain details about you. How we handle this information is described in our Privacy Policy: https://chessly.com/privacy-policy. By using the Website, you're agreeing to let us manage your data according to this policy.

In other words: We collect some information about you when you use our Website. To see how we handle it, check our Privacy Policy. By being here, you're okay with how we treat your data based on that policy.

22. Linking to Our Website & Using Social Media Features

You can link to our homepage as long as you're fair, legal, and not harming our reputation. Don't imply that we're endorsing or associated with you unless we've given you written permission.

Our Website has some social media tools that allow you to:

  • Share links from our Website or show some of our content on yours.
  • Send emails that contain links or content from our site.
  • Display snippets of our content on other websites.

Use these features as we've intended and stick to any rules we provide for them. While using these features, please don't:

  • Link from a website you don't own.
  • Display our Website's content in ways like framing or deep linking.
  • Link anywhere other than our homepage.
  • Act in ways that go against these terms.

If we notice any misuse, we'd like your cooperation in stopping it. We might ask you to remove links, and we can also remove our social media tools or any links without telling you.

In other words: You can share a link to our main page, but don't make it look like we're partners unless we've said it's okay in writing. We have some tools that let you share our content or link to us in different ways, but please use them correctly. If you misuse them or if we want to, we can stop the sharing features or ask you to remove links at any time.

23. Links from Our Website

Our Website might have links to other third-party sites or resources. These could be in ads or sponsored links. Just so you know, we don't control what's on these sites or their resources, and we aren't responsible for any issues you might face from using them. If you choose to click on and explore these third-party sites, remember that you're doing it at your own risk. You'll also have to follow their own set of rules and conditions.

In other words: We might have links on our site that take you to other websites, including in ads. We don't control or take responsibility for these other sites. If you choose to visit them, be aware it's on you, and you should check out their own rules.

24. Disclaimer of Endorsement

References within the Website to any products, services, processes, or other information, by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, supplier, or otherwise does not necessarily constitute or imply endorsement, sponsorship, or recommendation by Chessly LLC. The appearance of third-party trademarks or logos on the Website does not imply a partnership, endorsement, or affiliation with the owner of those trademarks or logos unless explicitly stated otherwise. Chessly LLC is not responsible for and does not endorse the content of external sources or websites referenced on the Website.

In other words: Just because you see a third-party brand or logo on our site doesn't mean we're officially partnered or that we endorse them unless we clearly say so. We're also not responsible for the content of other websites we might mention or link to.

25. Geographic Limitations

The Website is owned and operated from New York, USA. We can't guarantee that everything on our Website is suitable or available for use outside the US. If you're accessing our Website from another country, it's your job to make sure it's allowed by your local laws. If it isn't, any risks or legal issues you encounter are on you.

In other words: Our Website is based in New York, USA. If you're using it from another country, make sure it's okay with your local rules. If there are any problems because of this, it's on you to handle them.

26. No Guarantees and Limitations of Liability

While we try our best, we can't promise that everything you download or stream from our Website or the internet is safe and free from viruses or harmful code. It's up to you to make sure your computer and data are safe. If something goes wrong (like a virus attack or data loss) because of using our Website or linked sites, we can't be held responsible. When you use our Website, it's at your own risk. We provide everything "as is" without any promises, whether stated or implied. In simpler terms, we can't guarantee that our Website will always be safe, uninterrupted, or fit your specific needs. However, we will always follow any laws that apply to us regarding warranties and responsibilities.

In other words: We do our best with our Website, but we can't guarantee it's always safe or error-free. Make sure you're protecting your computer and data. If something goes wrong, we're not responsible. You're using our site at your own risk, and we can't make any promises about its performance or safety. Some legal promises can't be waived, though, and they still apply.

27. Disclaimer of Warranties

We try our best to ensure the Website is safe, but we can't promise it's free from harmful things like viruses. If you're downloading or streaming from our site, or any site really, you need to take precautions to protect your computer and data. If anything bad happens, like a virus attack or data loss, it's on you. Also, we're giving you access to our Website "as is", which means we aren't making any promises about how it will work, its quality, or if it will always be available. No one linked to our company is saying the Website will always be perfect or that it'll meet all your expectations. As much as the law lets us, we're not giving any warranties about our Website.

In other words: We do our best with the Website, but we can't promise it's 100% safe or perfect. If you download or stream something and your computer gets a virus, it's up to you to handle it. Our Website is offered without any guarantees. So, if something isn't working right or if there's a mistake, we're not liable. Make sure you have good anti-virus software and always back up your data. Use our Website knowing these risks.

28. Limitation on Liability

If something goes wrong because of our company or anyone connected to us, our maximum liability to you will be what you've paid us for our products or services in the past year. This is the most we'll owe, regardless of the reason for the claim, be it a contract issue, a mistake on our part, or something else. There are some types of liabilities that the law says we can't avoid or limit, and this cap won't apply to those.

In other words: If our company makes a mistake or causes an issue, the most you could get from us as compensation is what you've paid us in the last year. However, if there are legal reasons we have to compensate you more, we will.

29. Indemnification

By using this Website, you're agreeing to take responsibility and cover any costs, damages, or legal issues that come up if you break our Terms of Use or misuse our Website in any way. This includes if you post something that causes an issue ("User Contributions") or use our Website's content, services, and products in ways we didn't approve. If we face any legal actions, fees, or expenses because of your actions, you'll need to reimburse us for them.

In other words: If you break our rules or use our website in the wrong way and it causes problems or legal issues for us, you'll have to cover the costs and defend us in any related disputes. If we get sued or face any expenses because of something you did, you'll need to pay for it.

30. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

All issues or disagreements related to this Website and its Terms of Use will be settled using New York State's laws, ignoring any laws that might apply from elsewhere. If there's any need for a legal action because of these Terms or the Website, it will take place in either the federal courts of the U.S. or New York State's courts, specifically in New York County. However, we can also choose to take legal action against you in your home country or another relevant place. By using our Website, you're agreeing to these terms and won't object to these courts having the authority over such matters.

In other words: If there's a disagreement or legal issue related to our Website, New York laws will be used to settle it, and any legal case will happen in New York. However, we can also decide to take legal action against you wherever you live. By using our Website, you agree to this and won't challenge the authority of these courts in such situations.

31. Arbitration

If the Company decides, it can require you to resolve any disagreements related to these Terms of Use or your use of the Website through a final and decisive arbitration process. This arbitration will follow the Rules of Arbitration of the American Arbitration Association and will use New York law.

In other words: If there's a disagreement related to these terms or the use of our Website, the Company can choose to have it settled through a set arbitration process, following specific rules and using New York's laws, rather than through traditional courts.

32. Limitation on Time to File Claims

If you have a dispute or issue related to these Terms of Use or the Website, you must take legal action within one (1) year from when the problem started. If you wait longer than that, you won't be able to bring up that dispute or issue in the future.

In other words: You have a one-year window to bring up any legal concerns related to these terms or the website. If you don't act within that year, you lose the chance to raise that concern forever.

33. Waiver and Severability

If the Company doesn't enforce or act on a specific term in these Terms of Use, it doesn't mean they're giving up the right to do so later. Not acting on a right doesn't mean that right is waived.

If any part of these Terms of Use is found to be unlawful or not valid by a court, that part will be reduced or removed, but the rest of the terms will still apply.

In other words: Just because the Company doesn't react immediately to a breach of these terms doesn't mean they're okay with it. Also, if a court says one part of these terms isn't valid, the rest of the terms won't be affected and will still stand.

34. Entire Agreement

These Terms of Use, along with our Privacy Policy, are the complete and only agreement between you and Chessly LLC about the Website. They replace any previous understandings or agreements, whether they were spoken or written.

In other words: All previous agreements or understandings you might have had with Chessly LLC about the Website are replaced by these Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy. This is the full agreement between you and the company regarding the Website.

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