Cookie Policy

Last modified: 09/26/2023

1. Introduction

Cookies are small files saved on your device when you visit websites. They play crucial roles in improving your online experience. Our cookie policy explains the nature, purpose, and management of the cookies we use.

2. What are Cookies?

Cookies are tiny text files stored on your device (computer, mobile, or tablet) when you browse the internet. They help websites remember your preferences, making your online interactions smoother and more personalized.

3. Why We Use Cookies

We utilize cookies to enhance functionality, improve the performance of our website, and gather analytical data to understand better how visitors engage with our site.

4. Types of Cookies We Use

  • Essential Cookies: These are necessary for the proper functioning of our website. They enable basic features like page navigation and access to secure areas.

  • Performance Cookies:

    • Purpose: These cookies help us understand the performance and efficiency of our website. They gather information about how users interact with the site, such as page load times or error messages, ensuring our website functions correctly and highlighting areas for improvement.

    • Anonymity: The data collected is aggregated and anonymous, emphasizing website functionality.

  • Analytics Cookies:

    • Purpose: Analytics cookies track user behavior. They help us comprehend user interactions and activities, such as which pages they visit most or the navigation paths they take.

    • Anonymity: While these cookies offer more detailed insights into user patterns, the data is typically anonymized to respect user privacy.

5. Third-Party Cookies

For Performance and Analytics purposes, we may utilize third-party cookies. Notably:

  • Google Analytics: Helps us understand user behavior by providing insights into website interactions.

  • Vimeo: Enhances video playback features and captures viewer metrics.

  • DataDog: Monitors website performance and user experiences, ensuring our site operates seamlessly.

6. Managing Your Cookies

  • On This Page: You can adjust your cookie preferences with the toggles below.

  • Pop-up Cookie Banner: Upon your first visit, our cookie banner pops up, allowing you to set your preferences.

  • Browser Settings: You can manage or refuse cookies by altering your browser settings. However, blocking all cookies might impact your ability to fully experience our website. Some site features may become unavailable if necessary cookies are denied.

7. External Organizations and Cookies

Be aware that external organizations, such as advertising networks, might also use cookies to track you across different websites. Unfortunately, we have no control over these cookies, and you might want to check the respective policies of these external services for further details.

Contact Information

By using our website, you're acknowledging our use of cookies as described in this policy. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our cookie usage, feel free to reach out to us.